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Thanks to the Region for the great Quiz Rally we had last weekend!

Yesterday we qualified 3 competitors for Championships.

Ella H, D2 Hill Top Pony Club, Jr D
Ruby L, D2 Hill Top Pony Club, Jr. D
Lauren H, D3 Hill Top Pony Club, Sr. D

Congratulations to all of our competitors!

Thank you to all the volunteers, both parents who stepped in whenever asked, and the key volunteers who gave their time planning, driving all the way, their trucks stuffed with TOP SECRET items for Quiz and giving their time:

Sandee Slattery TD
Amanda Merritt Classroom
Rika Toll Stations
Vicki Taylor Barn
Catie Itschner Megaroom
Hanna Ogle Hospitality
Kimberly McDonell Scoring

and our three wonderful C advisors: 
Maddi C. C1 Alamo, 
Casey I. D3 Alamo, and 
Alleta H C1 Bayou City.

And thank you to SIRE for allowing us to use their facility. We were able to stay fairly warm and still got the barn element in. If Clubs would like to thank SIRE for their part in making QUIZ successful: Joe Wappelhorst, ED and Anthony Busacca and PJ Murray - Site Manager
COO, 24161 Spring Drive Hockley, TX 77447